Our health care is under siege in Washington and our system here in Massachusetts is broken – it needs to be simpler, cheaper and better.

Let's Aim High

The cost of health care is crushing families and businesses and crowding out other important priorities in the state budget – nearly 40 percent of the state budget is consumed by health care spending. Our health care system does not work for people, and it is not sustainable.

We need leadership to reform our health care system to make it simpler for people to navigate, cheaper and better quality. I believe everything needs to be on the table for consideration – including single payer.

Our health care system also needs to do a better job addressing the needs of those suffering from mental illness and addiction. We need to end the stigma of mental illness and substance use disorders and we need to get serious about providing the treatment and support people need. The opioid epidemic continues to take the lives of too many Massachusetts residents - we need to work with families, advocates, treatment providers and law enforcement to end this crisis.

We also must make investments to address the social determinants of health, including housing, education and workforce development.

And with women’s health threatened by the Trump Administration and Republicans in Washington, we need to do all we can to ensure that women have easy access to reproductive health services and contraception.