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Let’s Aim High!

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I'm running for Governor because Massachusetts has always been a leader, and I want us to lead again. I want to offer an ambitious agenda, and I have the leadership experience in the public and private sectors to deliver on it.

Governor Baker has been too satisfied with the status quo, and he too often sits on the sidelines when we need him. He has been a status quo, wait and see Governor.

That's not good enough. Particularly now. President Trump is threatening our values and threatening to take us backwards. Now more than ever, we need leadership right here in Massachusetts. Too much is at stake for too many people.

We need to aim high.

Now more than ever, we need a Governor who stands up for every single person and who makes it crystal clear that hate and discrimination will not be tolerated.

And we need a Governor who gets that too many working families are still being left behind. We need a Governor who works with a sense of urgency to make sure they have a fair shot at a better future.

I’ll be that Governor.