Democrat for Governor Jay Gonzalez Calls for People’s Pledge in 2018 Governor’s Race

DORCHESTER, September 5th, 2018 — At the Democratic Party’s Unity Breakfast this morning in Dorchester, Jay Gonzalez called on his election opponent Charlie Baker to join him in making a People’s Pledge, modeled off of the People’s Pledge Senator Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown made in 2012.

In an email to Baker’s campaign, Gonzalez called on Charlie Baker to join him in rejecting dark outsider money from being spent in the Massachusetts Governor’s race.

In announcing his invitation to Baker, Gonzalez said “We need to come together to reject the type of dark money from wealthy special interests that too many regular people rightly fear speaks louder than they do in influencing elections.”

“We owe it to the people of Massachusetts to make our case directly to voters without the outsized influence of special interests and outside money,” Gonzalez said. “I call on Charlie Baker to join me in making a People’s Pledge and to demand the Super PACs and dark money third-party groups stop trying to have outsized influence over our elections.”