Democrat for Governor Jay Gonzalez Signs No NRA Money Pledge; Asks Charlie Baker to do the Same

CAMBRIDGE, September 10th, 2018 — Democrat for Governor Jay Gonzalez today signed a pledge refusing to accept campaign donations from the National Rifle Association, and called on Governor Charlie Baker to do the same.

“Today I was proud to sign the No NRA Money pledge, refusing to accept any money from an organization intent on undermining the common-sense gun control laws that keep the residents of our Commonwealth safe,” Gonzalez said. “The NRA has no place in Massachusetts. People, not the gun lobby, should decide this election. I hope Governor Baker will agree and take the pledge today.”

Earlier this month, Baker refused to join Gonzalez in agreeing to a People’s Pledge. Baker’s refusal means his campaign welcomes money from far-right outside groups like the NRA and from shadowy PACs that move massive sums to candidates without disclosing their donors.

Charlie Baker’s endorsement last week of US Senate candidate Geoff Diehl, Donald Trump’s Massachusetts campaign chair, demonstrates his willingness to support the NRA’s radical pro-gun politics. Baker has also appointed the local head of the NRA to a senior post in his administration and has flip-flopped on his stance on assault weapons bans.

Supporters of the Gonzalez campaign delivered a copy of the pledge to Baker’s campaign office and will deliver another copy to the Governor’s Office at the State House today.