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President Trump has disparaged and discriminated against people of different ethnicities, backgrounds, religious beliefs and genders, and he has stoked fear in their communities

Let's Aim High

President Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim travel bans and increased raids to detain and deport immigrants have been particularly harsh, disruptive and fear-provoking for immigrant communities across the country and across Massachusetts.

The first piece of legislation I supported as a candidate for Governor was the Safe Communities Act. Among other things, this legislation would make clear that state and local law enforcement resources may be used only to enforce state and local laws – not to enforce federal immigration laws. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has no jurisdiction or responsibility for administering or enforcing our federal immigration system. We need to focus on keeping our communities safe – safe for all of our residents. Governor Baker opposes the Safe Communities Act.

And long before Donald Trump, Governor Baker failed to stand up against hate and discrimination time and time again. He directed the state police to help federal immigration officials detain immigrants. He opposed letting Syrian refugees resettle in Massachusetts. He defended southern states flying confederate flags at their state capitols. And he stayed silent on transgender rights legislation, only signing it when forced to do so and doing it behind closed doors.

It’s not ok. It’s not who we are.

Now, more than ever, we need a Governor who sees the value and potential of every single person; who respects everyone; who doesn’t need coaching or pressure or second chances to get it right.

If I’m your Governor, it will not matter what color you are; what your sexual orientation is; what you believe; whether you have a disability or not; whether you are from Boston or from Springfield; whether you just came to this country or you are a Native American; whether you are a Syrian refugee; or whether you are transgender - I see you. I believe in you. And as your Governor, I would work for you.

We have always done better when we see our differences as strengths, and when we recognize that beneath those differences are many more similarities. When we work together to further our collective interests. When we treat each other with respect and dignity and love.