Democrat for Governor Jay Gonzalez Accepts Debate Requests, Invites Baker to Join Him

CAMBRIDGE, September 6th, 2018 — Democrat for Governor Jay Gonzalez announced today he had received invitations from five organizations that wish to host debates between himself and Charlie Baker and announced that he intends to accept all five and others that come from different regions of the state.

“Voters deserve the opportunity to hear directly from us about our vision and plans for the future of Massachusetts,” Gonzalez said. “I call on Charlie Baker to accept a debate in every region of the state. We owe voters the opportunity to see and hear our contrasting visions and leadership styles for the whole state.”

“Since the very beginning of this campaign, we’ve pledged to offer more engaging and transparent leadership. More debates, not fewer, is the most open and transparent way we can ensure voters have a clear understanding of the choice they’ll be asked to make in November for the future of our state,” Gonzalez said.