Gubernatorial Candidate Jay Gonzalez Promises To Fight For ‘Little Guy’

The Enterprise

Jay Gonzalez won the Democratic Party’s endorsement in his bid for governor last week, with a resounding 70 percent of delegates supporting him at the Democratic Convention in Worcester on June 2.

“Let’s aim high,” he said at the convention, playing off his height—5 feet, 3½ inches—to promise he will “fight for the little guy.”

Mr. Gonzalez was the secretary of administration and finance under Governor Deval L. Patrick and, prior to launching his campaign, served as chief executive officer of CeltiCare Health and New Hampshire Healthy Families, which provide health coverage to low-income people.

His opponent, environmental activist Robert Massie, secured 30 percent of the delegate vote in Worcester, clearing the 15 percent threshold required to appear on the primary ballot in September. He and Mr. Gonzalez hold a number of similar political positions, but each argues their experiences make them most qualified.

“I’m the only one of the two of us who has leadership experience in state government, getting big things done,” Mr. Gonzalez said in an interview Wednesday, June 6, touting his time working with the Legislature and other key stakeholders under Gov. Patrick.

“We’ve got a very ambitious progressive agenda,” he said, but “it’s not going to matter what we all want to do, unless we actually deliver on it.”

Both Democrats are vying for the chance to take on Republican incumbent Governor Charles D. Baker Jr. in November. Although 60 percent of Massachusetts voters supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, Mr. Baker, according to a Morning Consult poll in April, remains the most popular governor in the country, with an approval rating of 71 percent.

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