Gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez speaks at Medford Senior Center

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The Medford Democratic City Committee invited gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez to speak about his campaign at the Medford Senior Center.

Jay Gonzalez, a candidate for governor of Massachusetts, spoke at a Medford Democratic City Committee meeting on Sept. 20 at the Medford Senior Center.

A few dozen people attended the public meeting, including two elected officials – City Councilor John Falco Jr. and School Committee Chairperson and candidate for city council Ann Marie Cugno.

Gonzalez was introduced by Rep. Paul Donato, who gave a brief synopsis of Gonzalez’s background in public finance and healthcare reform, as well as his role as Deputy Secretary of Administration and Finance under former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

Gonzalez began his talk by thanking the members of the Democratic City Committee for their hard work, emphasizing the importance of political activism at the local and state levels.

“One of the key lessons I’ve taken away from this last presidential election is this notion that our liberties, our democracy and the strength of our community, these fundamental American privileges, are not self-fulfilling,” Gonzalez said. “They need us.”

He described his background growing up in Ohio and the struggles of his mother, who became pregnant with him at age 19, and his Spanish immigrant father.

“They didn’t have a lot – my mom had to drop out of college to take care of me, and my dad didn’t speak English,” Gonzalez said.

Nonetheless, through hard work, his family eventually reached middle class status, instilling in Gonzalez the importance of perseverance.

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