Fixing Our Broken Healthcare System2017-09-01T16:05:47+00:00


Access to good, quality health care is a human right.  It is our collective responsibility to each other to ensure we all have access to the care and services we need to keep us healthy.

Let's Aim High

Today, our health care system is broken. It is too expensive, too complicated to navigate and inadequately addresses the health care needs of our residents.

Simply put, we need a single-payer system that is cheaper, simpler and better.

If elected Governor, I will immediately convene health care industry stakeholders to determine the best path to a single-payer system that works better for people, is sustainable, and delivers on our collective obligation to each other – ensuring every single person in this state has access to the health care they need.

As the former CEO of a health insurance company that covered low-income people in the Medicaid program, I know our health care system. I know the many inefficiencies and unnecessary complexities that exist as a result of our multi-payer system, and I know the pitfalls we need to avoid to make sure a single-payer system is done right and achieves the outcomes we need: a sustainable health care system that works better for people.

With this experience, I can provide the leadership we need to effectively work with health care industry stakeholders to implement a single-payer system that achieves those outcomes.
And that’s what we need – leadership. Massachusetts has a proud history of leading in health care. We were the first state in the nation to make near universal health insurance coverage a reality. But that coverage is too expensive and too limited for too many, and growth in health care costs threatens the sustainability of our system.