Jay Gonzalez criticizes Charlie Baker’s fundraising

The Boston Globe

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez is targeting Governor Charlie Baker’s fundraising methods, calling for changes to the campaign finance system and charging that Baker has “exploited its flaws.”

Criticizing a 2010 Supreme Court decision that lifted regulations on campaign spending, Gonzalez said he would back a federal constitutional amendment allowing the states to impose further campaign finance regulations.

In an email to supporters, Gonzalez said he would push for additional disclosure requirements. Gonzalez’s email also contains a fundraising pitch.

The former budget chief under governor Deval Patrick, Gonzalez said he would “close the Baker Loophole,” a fundraising mechanism the governor has used to raise money under higher federal contribution limits, rather then the state contribution limits, which are significantly lower. Baker’s use of this technique has helped him amass an enormous cash advantage over the bevy of Democrats preparing to challenge him.

“The proposal I am announcing today would limit the impact of Citizens United, close loopholes for raising and spending campaign funds, shed light on independent expenditures and make Massachusetts campaigns more transparent to the public,” Gonzalez said in an email to supporters intended to be sent Friday, according to campaign officials.

“It would also put an end to the Baker Loophole which has allowed Charlie Baker to circumvent state contribution limits by funneling money – up to $43,900 – through the state and national Republican parties to benefit his own campaign,” Gonzalez said.

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