Recognizes Governor Baker for Commitment to Closing Funding Gap if Planned Parenthood is Defunded and Urges Broader Leadership on Women’s Health Care

NEEDHAM – Friday, March 3, 2017 – The day before joining thousands of women on Boston Common to stand in support of Planned Parenthood, Jay Gonzalez, Democrat for Governor, voiced his commitment to women’s reproductive health care.

Today, Gonzalez applauded Governor Baker’s commitment to closing the gap in funding for Planned Parenthood if President Trump and the Republican Congress defund it.

Gonzalez called on Governor Baker to join him in making the following additional commitments to support women’s reproductive rights:

  • Guarantee that women have access to no co-pay birth control if the Affordable Care Act is repealed; and
  • Commit that future appointments to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court will uphold women’s rights to full reproductive freedom and ensure women’s access to safe, legal abortion in Massachusetts.

“Now more than ever we need leadership on women’s reproductive rights right here in Massachusetts.  We need a Governor who takes a definitive stand in support of Planned Parenthood and all they do to support women’s reproductive health care,” said Jay Gonzalez. “That is why I’m calling on Governor Baker to join with me in denouncing any effort by the Trump Administration and the Republican Congress who seek to put women and families’ access to health care at risk.”