Cape Cod Times

HYANNIS — Jay Gonzalez, a Democratic gubernatorial hopeful, is the latest candidate to visit the Times to discuss a race already attracting attention more than a year before the primary.

During a 35-minute interview, Gonzalez said he is running against Republican Gov. Charlie Baker because he thinks Baker is not being effective and too often “sits on the sidelines” and does not take a stand on issues.

“I’m frustrated at how little Governor Baker has accomplished, and even more frustrated at how little he’s trying,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said he is a proponent of the graduated state income tax plan — or “millionaire tax” — single-payer health care, carbon pricing and a short-term-rental tax.

He said the Safe Communities Act, designed to protect the civil rights of immigrants and keep local resources from being used for federal immigration enforcement, is “absolutely the right thing to do.”

He also jabbed Baker for not doing enough to help with the H-2B visa issues for temporary foreign workers that are creating a labor shortage on the Cape and Islands and could lead to economic consequences in the region.

“I haven’t heard the governor do anything,” he said. “If I were governor, this is an issue I would be jumping up and down and screaming about.”

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