Previously Undisclosed Document Shows Charlie Baker is Misleading Public about MBTA

Baker Timeline for Fixing MBTA Directly Conflicts with Timeline He Secretly Provided to Feds

BOSTON, November 1st — Today, the Gonzalez campaign released a secret state document showing that Governor Baker has no plan to fix the MBTA in 15 years, contradicting assertions Baker has consistently made to the public. The report also illustrates that the MBTA needs substantial new revenue in order to operate in a “State of Good Repair,” a claim that Baker has denied to the public.

The document, “Green Line Extension FFGA Financial Plan Update,” was provided to the Federal Transit Administration in June of 2017 to demonstrate the financial ability of the MBTA to construct and operate the Green Line Extension project while also operating and maintaining the existing MBTA system. In the state document, Baker tells the Federal Transit Administration that it would take 25 years to get the MBTA in a “State of Good Repair.” Two months prior, Governor Baker’s MBTA Control Board Strategic Plan clearly stated that the MBTA would be in a State of “Good Repair” in 15 years.

“Governor Baker has consistently said that we don’t need to invest new revenue in the MBTA and that he has a plan to have the T in a ‘State of Good Repair’ in 15 years,” stated Jay Gonzalez. “Baker’s own report to the federal government shows that he knew both of those statements were false. Charlie Baker has no plan to fix the T and he hasn’t been straight with the voters about it.”

Most damning is a chart included in the secret report (Page 57) which shows a major dropoff – a difference of nearly $1 billion per year – in planned spending on improvement projects when compared to the publicly available MBTA Strategic Plan (Page 27).

Furthermore, Baker’s report to the Federal Transit Administration repeatedly cites a 25-year time frame:

“Due to consistent historic shortfalls between available funding and planned expenditures, the MBTA is faced with spending approximately $765 million annually over a period of 25-years to eliminate the MBTA’s system wide SGR backlog. This Financial Plan demonstrates that the MBTA is working to address the SGR backlog by planning to deliver over $17.4 billion in SGR projects between FY 2017 and FY 2040.” (Page 7)

“The MBTA currently projects that it will need to spend an average of $765 million per year for the next 25-years to address the current SGR (State of Good Repair) backlog.” (Page 48)