Representatives Mike Connolly and Denise Provost Endorse Jay Gonzalez for Governor

​CAMBRIDGE — June 14, 2018 — Outside Millbrook Lofts in Somerville this afternoon, Representatives Mike Connolly and Denise Provost endorsed Jay Gonzalez. The three then went to Petsi Pies to speak with voters and launch a canvass.

Millbrook Lofts, the site of a condo conversion where community leaders stepped up to protect residents, illustrates how elected officials can stand up to special interests to prioritize affordable housing for people.

“I am proud to endorse Jay Gonzalez for Governor because he is the candidate best positioned to make good on a bold, progressive agenda that includes single-payer health care, a $15 minimum wage, paid family and medical leave, and massive new investments in public transportation and education,” Representative Mike Connolly said.

As the affordable housing crisis spreads across the state, Connolly emphasized Gonzalez’s vision to ensure all people have an affordable place to live.

“Jay recognizes that we are facing an ongoing affordable housing emergency and believes that housing should be a human right. He understands we need a comprehensive approach that includes zoning reform and smart growth initiatives to boost housing production across the region, while at the same time, putting new tools into the hands of municipalities, such as a real estate transfer fee to fund local affordable housing programs and basic protections for renters,” Representative Connolly said. “I look forward to voting for Jay in the Democratic primary on September 4th.”

“As Secretary of Administration and Finance for the Commonwealth, Jay studied the information and made thoughtful proposals, but listened respectfully to other points of view,” said Representative Denise Provost. “I’m confident that Jay will bring his deep understanding of government, and his instinctive fairness to our state’s serious inequities, and working people’s needs for reasonable housing, transportation, schools, and work.”

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Representatives Connolly and Provost,” said Jay Gonzalez. Through their representation of Somerville and Cambridge, they have been consistent champions of a progressive agenda to make a difference for all the ‘little guys’ out there. I look forward to working with them to win back the Governor’s office and to partner with them as Governor to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.”