Senator Marc Pacheco Endorses Jay Gonzalez for Governor

CAMBRIDGE–June 12, 2018– Standing in front of Bristol County Superior Court in Taunton, Senator Marc Pacheco endorsed Jay Gonzalez for Governor.

Addressing a group of Gonzalez supporters, Senator Pacheco praised the candidate’s commitment to the middle class and working families of the Commonwealth.

“Jay understands the economic issues that face working families and I know that he will fight for the ‘little guy.’” Senator Pacheco said. “I have had the opportunity to work with Jay as he helped to provide the funding and authorization for the Taunton Judicial Complex and when Jay was involved phase one was completed. Unfortunately,  the completion of the second phase of this capital program has yet to be done. Jay will make sure it gets done!”

Senator Pacheco indicated that concerns about climate change and protecting the environment were prominent among his constituents–and should be in the governor’s race as well.

“Jay’s vision for a clean energy future is exactly what we need right now,” Senator Pacheco also said. “We need bold visionary leadership that will embrace a future that moves us away from dirty fuels and dirty air and embraces a new clean energy future that creates job’s, protects our public health and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Jay is committed to a healthy planet, one that we will be proud to pass on to the next generation.”

“I’m honored to receive Senator Pacheco’s endorsement,” Jay Gonzalez said. “He has been a champion for working families in the Commonwealth and a leader in addressing climate change.  I look forward to working with him to win back the Governor’s office, and I look forward to being a Governor who will work in partnership with him to fight to make a difference in the lives of regular people and make Massachusetts a leader again when it comes to taking on climate change and creating jobs in the clean energy sector.”

Senator Pacheco’s endorsement is part of a wave of support following Gonzalez’s notable Democratic State Convention victory. Gonzalez earned over 70 percent of the delegate vote and the endorsement of the party.