Statement of Democrat for Governor Jay Gonzalez on the Baker Administration’s $1.6 Billion Giveaway to Eversource

CAMBRIDGE — Friday, January 26, 2018 — Democrat for Governor Jay Gonzalez issued the following statement today in response to Baker Administration giveaway to Eversource.

“Charlie Baker’s selection of Eversource’s $1.6 billion Northern Pass project as the sole winner of the Massachusetts Clean Energy RFP is yet another giveaway to the state’s largest and wealthiest utility company, which has poured tens of thousands of dollars into Baker’s campaign coffers.

While there were nearly 50 proposals for new renewable energy projects in Massachusetts, the Baker Administration’s shady procurement process allowed Eversource to both set the rules for the wining project and become the only eventual winner of the long-term contract.

The lack of transparency around this process is an affront to consumers. Meanwhile, the project is likely to have harmful impacts on our environment and on communities.

Baker’s decision to give away this massive contract to Eversource follows other decisions he’s made to benefit Eversource including:

  • Proposing a tax on electric ratepayers in order to support Eversource’s Access Northeast gas pipeline, which the Supreme Judicial Court ultimately rejected;
  • Approving a $37 million annual rate hike for Eversource electric customers; and
  • Allowing a new tax on Eversource residential customers generating and using solar energy

We need a Governor who will lead on clean energy, oppose new natural gas pipelines, work to combat climate change, accelerate our transition to a clean energy future and incentivize the creation of thousands of new clean energy jobs – not a Governor like Charlie Baker who constantly bends to the desires of the big utilities at the expense of residents, businesses and our environment.”