Statement from Jay Gonzalez on Exclusion of Safe Communities Act From Budget

“I am incredibly discouraged by the Legislative Conference Committee’s failure to include the desperately needed protections of the Safe Communities Act in the final budget. Today, we are led by a President whose immigration policies are informed by hatred, fear and xenophobia. Massachusetts needs to stand up and fight against these policies, not be complicit in them. We need elected leaders who will see the value of every single person and work to strengthen our communities, not weaken them. That’s why we need the Safe Communities Act, and that’s why we need a new Governor.

The Safe Communities Act was the first piece of legislation I supported as a candidate, and it will be one of the first pieces of legislation I file as Governor. I appreciate the efforts of Sen. Eldridge and his colleagues in the legislature who pushed to make the Safe Communities Act a reality. As Governor, I look forward to working with them to ensure we restore Massachusetts’ reputation as a leader in standing up to hate and discrimination.”