Statement of Jay Gonzalez, Democratic Candidate for Governor on Recent GIC Blindside of Workers

CAMBRIDGE — Tuesday, January 23, 2018 — Democrat for Governor Jay Gonzalez issued the following statement today in response to GIC’s decision to blindside workers and limit healthcare options.

“Once again, Charlie Baker can’t see the people through the budget line items. Hundreds of thousands of hard working state and municipal employees and retirees have been blindsided by this massive disruption in their healthcare. It’s an insult to these workers who perform critical public services every day. Workers and retirees deserve more respect from the Baker Administration.

Instead of ensuring that affected workers and retirees have a voice in this process, Charlie Baker yet again lays the blame at someone else’s feet. Like pointing the finger at Keolis for our broken transit system, Charlie was quick to blame the GIC for this decision.

When will Charlie Baker take responsibility for the decisions being made on his watch?”