Statement of Jay Gonzalez for Governor Campaign Manager Kevin Ready on Charlie Baker’s Re-Election Campaign

CAMBRIDGE — Tuesday, November 28, 2017 – The following is a statement from Kevin Ready, campaign manager for Jay Gonzalez for Governor.

“Charlie Baker seems to be confusing bipartisanship with cowardice.

“Bipartisanship isn’t refusing to take a stand, ducking and weaving when faced with big challenges.

“It isn’t about complacency in the face of Donald Trump and his harmful rhetoric and policies.

“Bipartisanship is about working together towards common goals to get real results for working families across Massachusetts.

“And after nearly three years in office, there is not a single major achievement Charlie Baker can point to resulting from his so-called ‘bipartisanship.’ Our transportation system is still broken. Our healthcare costs are still skyrocketing. Our education system is still failing too many of our neediest children. Our communities are still ravaged by the opioid epidemic. Our state finances are in shambles.

“Try as he might, Charlie Baker can’t run away from his Republican bona fides. His campaign relies on a shady fundraising scheme facilitated by the National Republican Party. He’s followed the GOP playbook on immigration and guns. He supports homophobic Republican candidates for state Senate.  And he has sat quietly on the sidelines as Donald Trump and his GOP friends in Washington take this country backward.

“Elections are about choices. And when faced with the choice of re-electing a Governor who’s more concerned with his poll numbers than improving peoples’ lives or electing someone who has a vision and a record of getting big things done, I’m confident the people of Massachusetts will choose Jay.”

Jay Gonzalez’s Record of Leadership and Accomplishment:

  • Earned the State It’s Highest Bond Ratings in History During the Recession
  • Successfully Negotiated Transportation Reform
  • Successfully Negotiated Municipal Health Reform
  • Successfully Negotiated Pension Reform
  • Implemented Massachusetts Health Care Reform
  • Turned Around a Company that Provided Healthcare to Poor Residents
  • As President of a Health Insurance Company, Earned Recognition for Leadership in Addressing the Opioid Epidemic
  • Increased Investment in Public Education and Transportation During the Recession