Tipped workers rally at State House for an increase on minimum wage


BOSTON (WWLP) – The Raise Up Massachusetts Coalition joined restaurant workers to rally for a living wage, saying $3.75 is unacceptable.

Tipped workers are calling on legislators to tear down the state’s two-tier wage system. They say tips should be tips on top of a wage.

Marie Billiel of Boston, who previously worked at an Amherst diner, said a tip-based income is too unpredictable, “So many of our workers have families, they’re single mothers, you know. It’s not just kids making beer money, like these are a wide variety of folks who are just trying to make ends meet.”

Candidate for Governor, Democrat Jay Gonzalez called it “a matter of economic justice for tipped workers.”

“Because they earn so much less and they’re dependent on tips from customers they often tolerate behavior that they shouldn’t have to tolerate,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez blames sexual harassment in the restaurant industry on lower pay.

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